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Monday, July 14, 2008


The Postmark of the World Team Chess Championship

Information on this postmark allows its evaluation.
1.Five postmarks were used all in all.
They varied infignificantly from each other,mostly while having or
not having the apostrophe in the word Be'er-Sheva.
The drawings show these differences.

2.The postmarks of types 2-4 are known to be used by dealers
a few days ahead of the formal cancellation(31.10.05) and some
days after this date.

The postmark of type 1 was used only on 31.10.05 at Be'er-Sheva
post office.
These four postmarks haven't been available since then.
Type 5 postmark was made at the beginning of 2006.
Small number of stamp collectors have these postmarks.

3.Types 2-5 of cancellations postmarks are black.
Type 1 of cancellations postmarks is mostly purple.

The total number of cancellations made by postmarks 2-4
is around 2800.
Type 1 postmark is known to have been used just by three people
at Be'er-Sheva post office.
They made about 150 covers.30 covers out of this amount are registered.
That’s why type 1 cancellations are thought to be rare.


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